Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Expensive New Voting Machines Failing in Knox County

The Knoxville News Sentinel has been liveblogging the local election scene today from locations all around Knox County.

It sure sounds like an inordinately high number of those new expensive voting machines - the ones that have been used only a few times since they were purchased - are failing. Sounds like it might not be the best idea to wait until later today to vote, folks. If we all have to take turns voting on the same working machine, the polls may end up closing on us.

UPDATE (1:31 P.M.): The VOLConFamily just returned from voting at the Shannondale precinct, and turnout there was about what it typically is there. All of the voting machines appeared to be functioning normally, and the whole process probably took about 5 minutes. Heck, it took longer to get Leo strapped into his Snugli Carrier than it took to get through the line and vote.

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We have 4 in Corryton, and one of them was non-functioning.
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