Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Endorsement of a Fool

This sound bite was making the rounds on conservative talk radio Wednesday, and I have to think that it's more impressive in video format.

After the Roger Clemens hearings last week, I advised Members of Congress to lay low for awhile so that America could forget how truly unremarkable they were. Apparently Congressman Kirk Watson didn't heed my advice.

Along the same lines, read the comments over at Volunteer Voters to a similar thread about the Watson video. You have to love it when liberals defend Obama by saying that his past accomplishments (or lack thereof) are unimportant, that only his future promise and message is relevant. That's like a liberal having a horse that looks good but has come in last in every race and betting his life savings on the horse winning the Kentucky Derby.

Of course, if the liberal was wagering your tax dollars instead of his own money, then that very well may make sense to the Left...

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Two things. First, just because some dude from Texas on the teevee can't name any of Obama's accomplishments does not mean Obama has no accomplishments. Second, having a sparse record is not the same as having a track record of losing, as your lame analogy implies.

If you are looking for a candidate with a long track record of failure like your race horse, George W. Bush in 2000 was a good example. Now his record of failures is even bigger and longer!
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