Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Searching for a Debate in South Carolina

I thought I was tuning in to the Democratic debate last night. It wasn't like I expected for any issues to be discussed (add one part CNN to two Democrats who personally do not like each other, and a discussion of policy is not formed), but what I watched was more "Jerry Springer" than "McLaughlin Group."

With the somewhat exception of healthcare, no other issues were talked about. Of course, race, sex, and John McCain were discussed - ad nauseum. In fact, for ten minutes, it was actually debated as to whether Bill Clinton was black. No, I'm not kidding.

My winner? I would pick John Edwards, as he was able to make a few jabs but relatively keep his nose clean. The worst that Edwards was called was a lawyer, which actually is a step up from Wal-Mart sleazebag lawyer (Clinton) and Chicago slumlord defender lawyer (Obama).

Obama did well, in my opinion, in that he didn't let the snide and overly aggressive Clinton take him off of his game. Clinton was awful, quite frankly. If the Democrats make her the nominee over Obama, I might have to go back on my claim that the Republicans have no chance in 2008.

Overall, good entertainment, but sad for the Democratic Party.

MORE: Sharon Cobb, one of our friends to the Left, has her analysis. It seems that we share many of the same opinions of what happened and who was the winner. Ilissa Gold also wanted to call "BS" on several of Hillary's claims. (Heck, it was easy to tell when Hillary was lying last night - her mouth was moving.) Also, Glen Dean liveblogged the event and has a round-up of reactions, as well.


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