Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Moncier Sues Knox County Commissioners - Again

OK, so I had heard about this one coming. Knoxville Attorney Herb Moncier has sued Knox County Commissioners Scott Moore and Paul Pinkston in their individual capacities for apparently lying in their sworn testimony as part of the Sunshine Law trial.

Moncier sued Moore and Pinkston in their individual capacities so that Knox County Law Director John Owings wouldn't have to defend them. Smart move, as always, by Moncier, in that it could lead to Owings being part of the Plaintiff's case instead of the Defense. Let Moore and Pinkston get their own lawyers.

If Moncier wins, then Moore and Pinkston could be removed from their elected positions.

Quite frankly, it's a shame that Moncier had to do this. If Knox County District Attorney Randy Nichols was doing his job, the two would already have been charged with perjury. From what I have read in their sworn depositions, heard from their sworn testimony before Chancellor Weaver, and know from my own knowledge, I don't see how one could argue that the felony of perjury was not committed.


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