Monday, January 14, 2008


Fred almost to $1 million goal

It appears that Fred Thompson might just reach his campaign's goal of raising $1 million for his campaign after his blistering performance in the South Carolina debates. To go over the top, several FredHead bloggers have proposed that everyone give $10 to the Thompson campaign at 10:00 tonight. (Yes, I know that American Gladiators is new tonight, but it should be over by 10:00.)

Here's an e-mail I received from Fred's campaign:

Dear Robert,

Because of your generosity we are $29,711 away from reaching our $1 million goal. Some FredHeads on the blog thought of a great way to make sure we meet our mark. At 10:00 local time give $10 to Fred's campaign.

If 2971 FredHeads give only $10 we will reach this important milestone and give Fred the resources to continue spreading his consistent conservative message in South Carolina, Florida, and across the Super Tuesday states.

So when 10:00 comes around add $10 to the red truck. You will have done your part to meet our $1 million goal and help Fred win the Republican nomination.

Please help Fred out--and thank you!


William B. Lacy
Campaign Manager

Heck, why not? I'll use the little box over at the left sidebar of this site and make another small contribution to Fred's efforts at 10:00 P.M., as hokey as it may be.

Of course, I suppose that my actual assistance in South Carolina - which I have offered to the campaign at no charge on four separate occasions - would probably have done a heck of a lot more good than my measly $10 addition, but I'm still waiting to hear from Fred's campaign on that one. Heck, I've been waiting for more months than I can count, and the offer was reissued directly after the Iowa results came to light.

And in there lies the problem with Fred's campaign, right? Tennessee has been one of the only states - heck, THE ONLY STATE in 2006 - that has mastered the way to win campaigns for the GOP in contested elections. Even when the tide is rising nationally against the GOP, Tennessee has stood above the fray with its hard-working, knowledgeable campaigns. However, Fred (for the most part) went outside of the Volunteer State when garnering his senior campaign staff. Their non-traditional campaign has been quite underwhelming, and that is probably being kind.

Eventually, GOP candidates will learn that there is much value to pulling campaign staff from Tennessee sources. (Obviously, Mike Huckabee was a quick study when he turned his ship over to Chip Saltsman, and I would bet that Huck probably thinks that was a good move given his better than expected performance to date.) Tennessee conservatives know what they're doing - from the college students who are learning the trade all the way to the senior staffers like Saltsman - and candidates that continue to use the same retread RNC plebes shouldn't be surprised when they have trouble connecting with voters.

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He needs to take soem Fundraising lessons from Ron Paul...

Regardless, Fred is looking good.
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