Thursday, January 31, 2008


Corker Will Vote Against Stimulus Policy

Bob Corker and I are on the same page regarding this supposed economic stimulus policy. I would be OK with the House plan if:

1) the money wasn't also being given to illegal aliens, because it isn't like we need to give Mexicans another reason to come into our country illegally;
2) there were cuts in the budget that equaled the amount of money being dispersed, or, in the alternative, a government surplus into which this money would come from;
3) people who didn't work this past year, and thus didn't pay into the system, don't receive a "rebate," because then it's not a rebate - it's welfare;
4) the rebates would get to hard-working Americans before June or beyond, because there's no telling how bad of shape this economy is going to be in by then.

As it is, the House plan has no elements that would meet the above criteria, much less all of them that would be required for this to look more like an economic stimulus and less like political pandering to the electorate. Bob Corker sees that, and he made no bones about his position yesterday in a conference call, stating that he would not vote for the plan once it is before the Senate.

Good for Bob. He's not voting lockstep with the neocon machine. Bush, the GOP, and the Democrats are all about rebates now because it is an election year, and they want voters to feel good about the Congress and President. Just think of this as incumbent protection, and the real victim is this country's economic viability.

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