Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Tim Burchett: The Next Mike Williams?

It's been interesting to read the various reports coming from the Tennessee GOP on how Phil Bredesen is using what amounts to a financial shell game to fund his wife's desire for a nicer Governor's Mansion.

Apparently, a certain state senator from Knox County either 1) didn't get the message or 2) is once again in league with Governor Bredesen.

(An aside - why is it that the supposedly Republican senators from Knox County seem to more loyal to Phil Bredesen than to the Republican voters that elected them?)

In an editorial in the Knoxville News-Sentinel which didn't draw too much ink (more than likely due to its timing around Christmas), Tim Burchett shows that not all of the Tennessee Republicans think that using taxpayer funding to gregariously expand the Governor's Mansion is a bad thing.

When I came to this one particular line in the column:

"So why is Tim Burchett, one of the most conservative Republicans in the General Assembly, asking the readers of the News Sentinel to support the project also?"

I had to restrain myself from spraying egg nog out of my nose. If Tim Burchett is a conservative Republican, then I need to find another label.

I applaud the Fightin' Fourth in its effort to cleanse the Republican rolls of its RINO, Benedict Arnold Mike Williams. What would it take for the Smokin' Seventh to do the same?

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