Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Baby Time?

Not yet.

We had our hurried trip to the hospital last Friday evening. False alarm, as we both expected, but we were following doctor's orders and performed well given it was our first trial run. Of course, to make it more "fun," the incident had to occur when I was in the boondocks of Sevier County on a juvenile home visit. Heck, I guess I should be glad that I had cell service.

Angela started her maternity leave last week, and today is the first day of my "paternity leave." Angela has been truly miserable for the past week, so I hope that my son doesn't take too long to make his grand entrance into the world. In any case, we have an inducement date of December 30th, to we won't go too long after Christmas Eve if he decides to come late.

Just thought I would give an update of sorts, but for now, it's off to the doctor's office for yet another weekly check-up...


I want you and Angela to know that we are praying for her, for you, and for the safe arrival of that baby!
Dave -

Thank you! We have been lucky thus far with a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy. I certainly pray that it ends that way.


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