Friday, November 30, 2007


I Smell Corn Dogs - LSU Must Be Playing the Vols

For reference, read the story here. Many angry Cajuns were not happy that I reprinted the story of their corn dog reliance, but we're all about the truth here on VOLCon - no matter how many threats we get from Louisiana natives.

Call me crazy, a homer, or seeing the world through orange-colored glasses, but I believe that the Vols have something for the Bajou Bengals. LSU has a backup QB, coaches that are packing their belongings for other (not necessarily greener) pastures, and a fan base that is down due to 1) losing to Arkansas last week or 2) the closing of various corn dog factories through the U.S. due to e-coli poisoning.

If I could smell anything over the stench of corn dogs, then I just might smell a Big Orange victory tomorrow...


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