Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Election Day, 2007

Not much going on today on the election front, to tell the truth. The few races that are being contested are pretty easy to predict.

The Ernie Fletcher era in Kentucky is about to come to a merciful end. It's been tough to watch Fletcher - once a rising star of the Republican party - bumble his way through his term as governor. Of course, it will probably be worse under Democrat Steve Beshear, who has been out of the limelight for a while until this race. Word has it that the coordinated homosexual activists in Lexington and Louisville are quite giddy over Beshear's almost certain victory in the Commonwealth. That can't be a good thing...

In happier news, Governor Haley Barbour will receive another term from the good people of Mississippi. Haley is one of those rare political creatures that has been as effective as a politician as he was a political operative. He should wipe the floor with John Eaves.

Of course, in San Francisco - America's Gomorrah - Mayor Gavin Newsom will certainly win another term. After all, who better to lead San Francisco than an ineffective drunken adulterer?

There are several ballot initiatives today that will be decided, as well. I am interested in seeing how Utah's attempt to create the first statewide school voucher program open to all families turns out. It's a shame that Tennessee has done nothing on this front in the nearly 7 years that school vouchers has gained attention throughout the nation. Of course, we're too busy passing laws so that our officials can patrol our borders looking for illegal immigrants - oops, I mean, illegal cigarettes.


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