Monday, October 08, 2007


Lincoln Davis Running for Governor in 2010

In these days of clearing the primary field with gentleman's agreements, I have to say that this announcement is quite unusual. But, if you have had any dealings or even conversations with Lincoln Davis, you know that he's pretty "unusual" himself.

I certainly think it to be a bit odd regarding an announcement for two election cycles down the road. Davis might want to concentrate on living through 2007 and trying to clean up the mess the Congressional Democrats are making instead of worrying about what his title will be in 2010.

Plus, Lincoln has so much work to do in his attempt to make divorce a felony...

Oh, what a juicy primary! A man who wants to criminalize divorce versus the swingin' playboy from Memphis! If only 2010 weren't so far away...


Oh, but didn't you hear? That was Lincoln Davis' way of sticking it to Republicans for bringing up the bill...even though he was one of a handful of Democrats to co-sponsor the Constitutional Amendment.
Sean -

Yeah, Davis tried to lay that same BS line on Brian Hornback and myself at the Duncan BBQ last fall. Problem is that

1) I represent a lot of criminal clients,

2) those criminal clients have a problem with lying to everyone, including their attorney,

3) therefore, I have developed a fine "lie detector,"

4) which Lincoln Davis set off when he was trying ever so hard to convince Hornback and myself that his remarks were all one big kneeslapper.

Lincoln's a bit nuts, if you haven't heard, Sean. But we did invite him to join the GOP if he ever was able to get that problem worked out.


I like Lincoln Davis quite a lotr, especially since he is a bona fide pro-life Democrat...

But he is a few bricks shy, I'm afraid.
You know Rob, that was just way to fun. Gettin' in that Lincoln Davis head at the Duncan BBQ. There was so much room in there, because there is no substance.

What was funnier was when he circled back to tell us about his huntin' guns and the deer meat in his freezer.

That still didn't sway us, did it? Lincoln Davis = a parnoid liberal democrat from a town named after a filterless cigarette.
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