Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Davis Not Running in Virginia

It appears that the trend of Republicans getting out of D.C. instead of trying to move up the political ladder is continuing. Rep. Tom Davis, the Virginia moderate/liberal who was expected to mount a challenge for the seat being vacated by the retiring John Warner (R), is apparently not going to run and may retire from his current seat in Congress.

That leaves Jim Gilmore set as the only true challenger to Mark Warner, the former Governor of the Commonwealth who raised taxes like a true liberal but somehow remained popular with the electorate in Virginia. Warner will be a big favorite in this race, but underestimating Gilmore could be a big mistake. Gilmore, like Warner, is also a former Governor of Virginia, and he isn't half bad on the stump.

The Virginia race is certainly shaping up to be one of the more competitive in the nation, with both candidates being capable, established, and successful. (For contrast, compare this to Tennessee, where only the incumbent could be characterized as such.)


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