Monday, October 01, 2007


Another Black Eye for Knox County Schools

The one area of politics that I have sworn to never deal with is local school board matters. However, one has to take notice of public schools when one's family expands, so we have recently been confronted with the idea of whether or not to place our as-yet-unborn son's education in the hands of the public school system here in Tennessee.

I have to say that Sunday's article on yet another Knox County teacher/pervert did not make me feel any better about Knox County Schools, which eat up nearly half of the tax dollars here in Knox County. Today's article in the KNS didn't help things, either.

Of course, the parochial schools have their problems in this area, too. Saturday's story on a Knox Catholic teacher/coach/statutory rapist was an example of that.

Is homeschooling the only answer?

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