Thursday, August 02, 2007


Interesting Times

It's time for a bit of personal reflection.

I have been about as stressed as I can remember in recent weeks. Between coordinating and effectuating a move to our new house, having the closing nearly fall apart only hours prior to its scheduled time, orchestrating the sale of our old house, watching after my more-pregnant-by-the-day wife and Boston Terrier (who is quite confused as to his new, bigger surroundings), making the necessary purchases for the home (new TV, washer & dryer, lawnmower, etc.), and all the while trying to keep the Firm from imploding has been quite a test.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Things are starting to slowly come into place at home. The old house should close next week. We're one living room suit and one dining room table from having the new house completely furnished. And it only took one all-nighter at work this week to help me get caught up at the office. (It's amazing what a little Trans-Siberian Orchestra and actually seeing folders being filed can do for your spirits at 3:00 A.M.) Angela and I are looking forward to a nice trip to Nashville on Saturday for the Republican State Executive Committee meeting.

Plus, there is reason for real excitement just around the corner, because we are only thirty short days until...


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Nicole and I are praying for you and Angela
May I be cursed with your stress!

It's all relative. :)

Call me Saturday and we can all go to lunch or at least coffee while you're here!

If you don't have my number anymore, email me and of course I'll send it to you.
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