Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Update on the Baby Front

We had another appointment with the OB yesterday, and everything is going just fine.

Since Angela is at 16 weeks (as of this past Sunday), we decided to take a gander during the ultrasound to determine if we could detect the sex of the new addition. And...

We are thrilled, of course. I'm sure that other members of the family have mixed emotions. My parents were hoping for a girl, as all of the offspring of this generation have been boys. My paternal grandfather - who was big into genealogy - had wanted me to have a son for some time now, as it was the only chance for the family name to continue (as I am the only grandson). I think my sister wanted us to have a boy because she has two herself. Angela's parents just wanted a grandbaby - no preference as to gender - as our children are the only grandkids they will have.

The funny thing is that Angela and I have always wanted a boy. However, knowing that the Lord works in his own time, we almost expected a girl because it seemed that was what most everyone else wanted. Also, all of our friends and colleagues due within the next few months are having girls, so we kinda figured that we would be much the same way. For the past two months, we have been resigned to the fact that this baby was a girl. I guess you could say that we are a bit shocked at the news. But pleasantly so, of course.

Now comes the great name debate. We had worked solely on girl's names since May, narrowing it down to eight of them. Boys names? Not really sure. As Angela puts it, the first item of business is whether or not there will be a "Robert L. Huddleston, IV" or not. I'm not sure. I like the idea, but I want the "L" to be a different "L." The question is: does that constitute a "IV" if what the "L" stands for changes? Most people say "no." I say "show we the written rules."

Anyway, just thought I would share the news...


Congrats! I was going to suggest Peyton since that seems to be so popular these days but Robert L. sounds good to me.
Both Nicole and I are thrilled for you and Angela-congratulations again and again!
Congrats to the Huddlestons!
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