Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Tennessee Republican Party Update

OK, I just talked to my "inside source," and I have a few introductory tidbits on the conference call that did happen earlier today.

1) Bob Davis is resigning, effective August 4, 2007.

2) The State Executive Committee will meet on that date to select a new Chairman.

3) In response to a question from an SEC member regarding serving in an elected position in the General Assembly and as Party Chairman, Bob Davis referenced the new ethics laws that prohibit fundraising while the General Assembly is in session. When thinking of the Statesman's Dinner and other opportunities in a presidential election cycle, I concur that it would be unwise to have a Chairman who is also an elected official. Such a person would have to resign from his or her post if selected by the SEC as the new Chairman.

4) Van Hilleary spoke on the conference call. Why this was allowed to happen is a good question. I understand that Van is the National Committeeman, but unless he was on the call to notify SEC members that he was not a candidate for the position, then he shouldn't have been speaking on the call.

More to come later.

MORE: I just received the following press release from Bob Davis:


(Nashville) - The following is a statement from Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis:

"During the last three and a half years our Tennessee Republican Party has made incredible strides towards majority status. During that time, I'm proud that I played a small role in electing Bob Corker to the United States Senate, Ron Ramsey as the first Republican Lieutenant Governor in 138 years, and strengthening our party organization statewide.

"We've tried to lead with conviction and integrity, and other than being a father and working for Fred Thompson, it has been my highest honor to serve as chairman.

"The good Lord leads us down different paths throughout life, and the time has come for me to move on. Therefore I am resigning my chairmanship effective August 4th.

"Let us all remember our common bond and promise to the next generation: to leave this place better off than when we found it."


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