Monday, July 02, 2007


"See this movie or Die Hard"

The VOLConWife and I had the chance to see the fourth "Die Hard" movie in the series, titled "Live Free or Die Hard," yesterday at Regal's Pinnacle 18 at Turkey Creek.

In my opinion, it was the best of the four "Die Hard" movies. It's non-stop action from beginning to end, and you don't even notice that 2 1/2 hours have passed by the time the credits are rolling. Combining fantastic stunts, plenty of explosions, and Bruce Willis in his most famous role makes for one heck of a July 4th movie.

Keeping in mind that I love "end of days" type movies - where the terrorists aren't retarded like Star Wars' storm troopers and actually have a plan to bring down our way of life - I give "Live Free or Die Hard" a mark of 8.9 out of 10. That makes it the second best movie I have seen this year (behind "300," which received a 9.4).

There are several conservative and anti-bureaucratic themes in the movie, as well. Heck, the anarchist computer geek who acts as John McClane's sidekick in this installment (played by Justin Long) comes to see that there is more to America than corporate greed and an evil government.

Also within the past few weeks, the VOLConWife and I (appropriately) saw "Knocked Up." It's a good movie, not as funny as "The 40-Year Old Virgin," but does provide some laughs and even inspires in parts. I must have liked it, because I gave it a 6.8 out of 10 (which barely beats out the third installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean," which I dare say took a great deal more money to make). I think I probably subconsciously penalized "Knocked Up" for the incessant drug culture scenes, but that's just a guess. The language is a bit rough, too, in places where it doesn't need to be.

The thing that got me about "Knocked Up" is that I heard all of the pro-abortion forces stewing about the movie. Here's the thing, and this is important for understanding them - they were mad that Katherine Heigl's character chose to keep the baby. Uh, yeah, that's pretty amazing. I guess one could file that under more evidence that there is a pro-abort side in this debate and not a pro-choice side at all.

Plus, it's not like it would have been a comedy if she had aborted the baby, right? It just would have been another tragedy.

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