Monday, July 09, 2007


More Bad Science from Al Gore

George Reisman, who knows a thing or two about economics, has shown that he also knows more than Al Gore about science.

Reisman takes apart Gore's recent op-ed in the New York Times in this piece over at

Anyone who is looking to Al Gore for scientific knowledge is in worse shape than one of the masses who turns to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the news. At least the boys at Comedy Central provide some semblance of intellectual honesty with most of their comedy routines. Gore, on the other hand, is, as Reisman posits, either oblivious to the science about which he is preaching or making this stuff up as he goes along.

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George Reisman should be careful, Mars has a much smaller atmosphere then Venus. Hence even though Mars has a high concentration of CO2 it might not be enough to heat up the planet like Venus.

However I would be more interested to know what the impact of the Sulfuric acid cloud layer around Venus is on the greenhouse effect.
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