Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Mark Warner to run for Senate?

Interesting piece in yesterday's Washington Times regarding the possibility of former Senator Mark Warner possibly rejoining the U.S. Senate if current Senator John Warner (RINO - Virginia) were to retire.

The GOP in Virginia has been more focused on themselves lately (as they well should after letting Jim Webb get elected), prepping a formidable candidate in Tom Davis for when John Warner is put out to pasture.

The problem is that Mark Warner - who raised taxes in the Commonwealth like he was founding a socialist state - was beloved when he left office. I can only imagine that Virginians are suffering from the voter equivalent of spousal abuse syndrome, in that the more than Warner hurt them, the more they loved him. Yeah, it's just too weird.

In any case, if Mark Warner does run, then the prospects of the Republicans taking back the Senate diminish greatly - to the point where it isn't really realistic to talk of such things.


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