Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The Huddleston's are on the move

Two reasons for my lack of consistent posting over the past few weeks can be directly tied to our impending purchase of a new house and our eventual selling of our current house. I'm happy to report that both of those goals look to be coming to a conclusion very soon.

Our new location will be in the Wyngate subdivision, about a mile from Knoxville Center and the new Harvest Park Centre (with the new Target, Marshalls, Circuit City, and other stores).

As I mentioned in the past, our move is necessitated by our new baby boy (due date: Christmas Eve) and Slammin' Sammy, who joined our family in early 2005. With two new additions since we moved into our little house on Woodlawn Pike, the time was right for an upgrade. (Even if it is tough to give up my tailgate pad. I guess it's back to traditional tailgating for this Vol fan...)

I have heard that I was heading back to the 1st Congressional District to challenge David Davis in 2010, that I was moving to Blount County to run for General Sessions Judge, and a few other rumors. Obviously, none of these were true. Our family was obligated to stay in the 6th District - Tennessee's 6th Senatorial District. When Angela made a commitment to serve in her capacity as State Executive Committeewoman for the 6th District, we made that commitment for a full term. It would have been irresponsible to abandon her position after less than one year of service and particularly at a time when the SEC is busy choosing new officers.

When you are involved in politics, moving is a difficult prospect, because not only are you having to pick out that perfect house but you are having to run to the computer and see if said perfect house is in the correct district. Angela and I experienced this in 2004 when we moved from D.C. and were looking in the Seymour area for a house in 1st Congressional District. This time around, we were looking at Tennessee Senatorial districts to make sure that Angela stayed in the 6th District.

Does that mean that I am not running for office in the next few years? Perhaps. I have outstanding representation in the State House at our new home with Rep. Bill Dunn. State Senator Jamie Woodson is running for reelection next year and I suspect will be serving the 6th District for some time.

But there are a few other options. If I were to believe that an honest man could interject himself into the Knox County Commission and do some good without being destroyed by the forces of corruption that exist in Knox County politics, then there is a seat in the 7th District of Knox County that should be available (either because he runs for another county office or has become politically vulnerable). There are also the rumors that Congressman Duncan may be looking to retire soon. That would certainly be interesting, with many of the corrupt Knox County politicians trying to jockey for position and the ever-persistent rumors that Congressman Duncan would like to pass his seat to his son in the same way that it was passed to him by his father. In either case (facing corrupt local politicians or fighting a family dynasty that borders on a monarchy), I would certainly be interested.

In any case, I am so amazed at all that has happened thus far in 2007. I am blown away by God's blessings on our family. The miracle of a child on our first attempt. A new home for our family. Estimates of over 115% annual growth at The Huddleston Law Firm.

It certainly has been an amazing year - and we're not even to August.

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Your level of humility is only surpassed by my sarcasm.
Justin -

Nice of you stop by. Congrats on your girl completing her first session on the Hill. She performed an excellent service. When are you planning on doing something that will rival her success?


If anyone understands the complexities of moving in politics, it is me-moving shot my campaign for Knox County Commission straight into Jefferson County!
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