Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Harry Potter and Ocean's 13

It hasn't been all work lately, of course. The VOLConWife and I were able to make it over to the Parkway Drive-In just outside of Maryville this past Saturday night for a double feature. I'm always amazed at how many people have never seen a movie at a drive-in theater. I used to take dates to them all of the time when I was in high school in Sullivan County. There's nothing like picking up a bucket of chicken and sides at KFC, throwing some sleeping bags and folding chairs in the back of the pick-up, and watching a double feature for $5 a head under the stars.

In any case, we saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix first. It was a decent movie, exploring the pressures that Harry is facing at such a young age. However, it wasn't the best of this series of movies. In fact, I would rate it right in the middle, behind the 4th and 2nd installments and ahead of the 1st and 3rd films. Of course, that is a bit harsh since this is obviously a set-up for things to come. I expect great things out of the 6th movie, which is slated for release in November of 2008. Also, this movie really interjects the evils of politics into the storyline, as the truth is put down by a overbearing political administration. So that was a bit interesting, for sure. Overall, I gave it a 6.7 - which is certainly above my average rating but not in line with what one would expect for a movie that might gross $1 billion worldwide.

The second film, Ocean's 13, was better than Harry Potter and certainly much better than Ocean's 12. Good acting, good plot (which I'm not going to give away here), and not so many ridiculous twists that you wonder which of these films was really about magic and which was based in reality. Overall, I gave it a 8.1.


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