Thursday, July 26, 2007


Democrats showing poor campaign strategy?

Now far be it for me to tell the Democrats how to run their ship, but I've noticed something that seems a bit misguided. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has gone on the air attacking Republican incumbents in three states. One of those states is Kentucky, and that candidate is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Perhaps the DSCC has some internal polling that shows something that none of the rest of us know, but this seems as errant as a SCUD missile. I simply can't see a veteran like McConnell getting knocked off in Kentucky with Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket. Just ain't gonna happen.

To make the decision even better, the Democrats still have to run a primary to see who faces McConnell in 2008, and there are multiple candidates there. Plus, they are fundraising for their gubernatorial campaign that is currently ongoing. (And if they fail in picking off embattled Governor Ernie Fletcher, then they need to give up entirely.)

Of course, the Democrats are still reveling in their 2006 victories and might have enough money to throw around so haphazardly. It just seems to me that it would be better off buying Al Franken a brain in the politically unique state of Minnesota instead of challenging Mitch McConnell in the Bluegrass State.


The DSCC is aggressively pursuing red states. (Notice they are advertising with Knoxviews,Guerilla Women and me)

We think Lamar's seat is up for grabs.

I'm going to see Harold, tonight, and I'll ask him if he's going for it. If not, I'll ask him if he knows who is.

Tennessee can turn blue with the right focus and right candidate.

If they focus on Shelby County and middle TN, they can afford to lose your neck of the woods. (No disrespect to East TN...I love y'all--I'm talking strategy)

I think Dems can indeed win Lamar's seat and I'm glad to see the DSCC being aggressive.
Lamar's seat is up for grabs?

Have you been smoking a whacky weed here?
"Have you been smoking a whacky weed here?"

What's that got to do with anything. Heh!

Lamar's seat will be up for grabs, soon enough. I am wondering who the Dems will run.
I didn't get a chance to ask Harold about it when I saw him last night, but his name has been floated, as has Bob Tuke's name.
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