Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Cobb Liveblogging the Senate All-Nighter

Sharon Cobb, liberal trooper that she is, has been up all night liveblogging the Senate's "debate" of the measure to withdraw the troops from Iraq. Anyone who has liveblogged an event (and I have done several) will respect Sharon's efforts.

It's a good read. Even though Sharon and I are basically in agreement on our troops in Iraq (my position has been and currently is that we should have removed Hussein and then come home, so we are in agreement that our troops should not be in Iraq at this time), you do need to read her comments with a bit of a filter. She really doesn't like those Senators who would vote to keep our troops in Iraq.

My position is a bit different because I come from the perspective that we were in a no-win situation from the beginning. Come home and the region potentially explodes into a regional turf war. Stay, become an occupying force, and lose thousands of troops with no real endgame. Both of those options are losers, so I can't fault someone with an opposing loser viewpoint just because they chose the loser viewpoint different from my loser viewpoint.

The Senate should vote on the measure some time this morning. I predict that it will fail in a vote closer than most pundits expect. Of course, it's practically moot anyway, as the bill awaits certain veto from President Bush.

Let's be honest - this is political posturing by the Democrats as the presidential campaign gears up. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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To tell the truth, the posturing on both sides would have been comical if it weren't such a serious matter.

John McCain was just shameless, and on the left I'd say the worst was Kerry.

To be fair to both men, they were totally exhausted and it showed.

Why don't y'all take Joe Lieberman and send us a Rino? I think that would work out well for all of us.
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