Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Al Gore's Son Caught Harming the Environment

(Note: Normally, I wouldn't run with such a story regarding a politician's family, but since the liberals and their bloggers have made it a point to diminish the war of words to that level (just off the top of my head, I'm thinking about Bill Frist's son, Bob Corker's daughter, and anyone with the last name "Bush"), it may be time to "go there.")

An AP headline that just crossed the wire:

Al Gore's Son Arrested on Drug Suspicion

A few thoughts:

1) What is Al Gore, Jr.'s reaction to a report of his son burning something that might be adding waste products to the atmosphere?

2) Is all forgiven because Gore, III was caught in a Prius?

3) Wait a minute - Al Gore, III got a Toyota Prius up to 100 miles per hour?!?! Was he being towed by a car with a real engine or a low-flying jet?

4) In all seriousness (ignoring the fun above), my thoughts and prayers go out to Al, Jr. and Tipper. They have some tough decisions ahead with how to deal with this problem (not Al, III's first, by the way), and with celebrity rehab being more chic than helpful, the options are limited.


So many jokes, so little time.
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