Saturday, June 02, 2007


Saturday Morning Humor

While I might not agree with the message, the video above is how to make a YouTube point. (Compare that to the amateur hour that A.C. gushed over earlier in the week that eventually made him the focal point of a media storm.)

Here's the funny part - out of all of those experienced politicians on what is effectively a libertarian-produced blooper reel, only one will be in office come January 2009 - and that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Yeah, and who won the election following that convention? Obviously the message resonated . . . and it still does, despite INCESSANT harping by those who want to lose in Iraq.

I'm not sure if this is your point Rob, and I don't know (or care, frankly) when that video was produced, but these folks need to move on--Bush and Cheney aren't going to be on the next ballot, and the two people who will be on an upcoming ballot are popular because of their hawkishness, not in spite of it.
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