Thursday, June 07, 2007


NRSC Rolls Out First Web Ad

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has published its first web ad of the 2008 election cycle, targeting Colorado Rep. Mark Udall for his multiple votes to raise taxes. Udall is trying to step up to the Upper Chamber through the retiring Wayne Allard's seat (a race where I have posited that Tom Tancredo should have been the Republican in the race).

This is the first of many videos that will have similar themes. After all, despite little to no media coverage, nearly every Democrat actively participated in making it easier to raise your taxes (as in Udall's case, House Democrats' first action as the majority was to suspend the rule requiring a supermajority to pass tax hikes), and they voted to pass the biggest tax increase in American history this year.

If Iraq can somehow be resolved, hanging the Democrats with the "liberal tax lover" albatross could pay dividends in 2008. Of course, there's a big "if" in that sentence...


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