Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've Seen Better Videos by Fifth Graders on YouTube

Please, oh please, let this race come down to acting ability...

Morons like Chris Matthews are orgasmic over this piece from the Clinton campaign machine. Problem is that it's poorly acted, shows that Hillary could be one of the worst presidential candidates in front of the camera in American history, and parodies a series finale that most people hated. (For the record, I thought the finale to "The Sopranos" was brilliant - as in, the opposite of this political ad.)

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I've always believed their real last name ends with a vowel.
The real crime in all of this is the outcome.
The theme song chosen is 'You and I' by the annoying Canadian singer Celine Dion.
This drivel was chosen over U2's 'It's A Beautiful Day.'
That's criminal.
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