Monday, June 25, 2007


Honk if You Hate Amnesty

Call your U.S. Senator today and let them know that you will remember how they vote on this attempt by President Bush to give amnesty to criminal immigrants.

I know I will.

MORE: If you are in Tennessee, here are the numbers you need to know:

Lamar Alexander
D.C. Office - 202-224-4944
Knoxville - 865-545-4253
Nashville - 615-736-5129
Tri-Cities - 423-325-6240

Bob Corker
D.C. Office - 202-224-3344
Knoxville - 865-637-4180
Nashville - 615-279-8125
Tri-Cities - 423-323-1252

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This is a non-issue with the TN Senators. Focus your efforts elsewhere.

Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, both Republicans, said late last week that they could not vote for the bill in its current form, even though the president has personally lobbied them to support the legislation.

"Other than the war in Iraq or the war on terror, there is nothing more important than fixing our broken immigration system, and we should keep working on it for as long as it takes to get it right," Alexander said.

But, he said, that must include a process "that earns the confidence of the American people, and this bill does not do that."

Corker, a freshman senator who took office in January, said he is concerned that the Senate bill may be attempting to tackle too many problems at once.

"I made myself clear during the campaign the kinds of things that I felt were important," said Corker, who argues that the first priority should be securing the nation's borders.

Other priorities, he said, should include allowing immigrants to work in the United States, but only if they are legal, and creating an instant verification system so employers can determine if the workers they are hiring are legal.

"On some fronts, the bill attempts to satisfy those," Corker said. But "there is just too much happening in this bill at one time. I really do think a better approach would be to have a more modest bill."
Tony -

I think that you may be right, but a little last minute reminder sure doesn't hope.

As for your declaration to "focus your efforts elsewhere," I respectfully decline. These men are my representatives in the U.S. Senate. Saxby, Jim, Elizabeth, Mitch - none of these men and women received one vote from me or my family. Besides, it would be fruitless. When I was on the Hill, the first thing you looked at in a letter or phone call was where it was coming from. Outside of your district or state meant that it got routed back to the correct Member's staff. Rather than waste my time and that of some poor staffer...


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