Friday, June 15, 2007


Has Iran Committed Acts of War Against the United States?

Pat Buchanan breaks down all of the chatter coming out of D.C. and our commanders in the Middle East regarding Iran.

If what is being said (as Pat puts it, with the endorsement of the White House, no doubt) is true, then Pat is right in saying that Iran has committed acts of war against the United States and her citizens. If what is being said is false, then President Bush's approval ratings may be cut in half overnight - and rightfully so.

Well worth a careful read.


That Iran supports Hamas is not a new claim by the Bush White House. As far as I know, the Iran/Hamas alliance has been recognized by several administration in several countries over the last 10 years or so. I think it's fairly obvious they support Hezbollah via Syria as well. And why wouldn't they support insurgents in Iraq the same way? It's consistent with the Iranian policy of paving the way for the Mahdi.

It's important for us to understand the motivations and priorities of our adversaries in the mid-east. Buchanan's pining for the old mid-east is just silly. Thanks to our brave forces and the courage and foresight of our President, the old mid-east that brought us 9/11 doesn't exist anymore. Why would anyone want it to exist again? In today's mid-east, it would be very difficult for Islamicist to organize a 9/11-like attack on US soil, though obviously we're still not impenetrable... Which is all the more reason to keep hostile powers in the region on defense.

Buchanan's larger point is moot. Iran has already widened their war against us. He can't blame America for defending herself.

Iran started their war against us 30 years ago when they invaded our embassy. Given that the Iranian government spent the intervening decades chanting "Death to America!", it's not surprising that Tehran supports attacks against our troops today. If we subdue their aggression it would hardly be "an economic or strategic disaster for the United States." Letting Iran know that they can't undermine our efforts in Iraq (either diplomatically or by use of force) with impunity is certainly in the our best interests. Convincing those in Iran with an inkling of rational political thought that the US will not stand by as radicals spread mayhem in preparation for the 12th Imam is certainly in the best interests of every last person on Earth.
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