Friday, June 08, 2007


The Death of the Immigration Bill

Thank goodness. Now I can quit watching C-SPAN2.

I'm not sure what was the funniest part yesterday - Christopher Dodd trying to persuade his colleagues that allowing for the relatives of those who are here illegally to become American citizens won't increase the number of unskilled immigrants in the country, or Harry Reid chastising President Bush for the Senate Majority Leader's failure to deliver on getting this bill through.

Actually, they're both tragic, not funny.

But it wasn't just the Democrats who were making idiotic remarks.

From the "Who do you trust - me or your lyin' eyes" department:

"I am getting calls, but I would say to my constituents: Do you have no faith in me after 35 years that I am just going to buy a pig in a poke here, or be for something that is bad?"

Yeah, that little snippet was from Senator Trent Lott, Republican Senator from Mississippi. When I read something like that, I say a little prayer that the good people of the State of Mississippi can somehow find the resolve to send a man home from D.C. who has obviously been there too long.

And don't get me started on Lindsey Graham. I'm surprised that Strom Thurmond doesn't rise out of his grave and make Graham start behaving like the conservative that he was once.

A telling week, that's for sure. And the best part is that no legislation was passed that would have granted amnesty to criminals. Maybe we can act on this issue someday with a plan that would work, but I would rather have no plan passed now than pass the wrong plan.

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