Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Bush Draws More Conservative Fire for Support of Amnesty

From the Family Research Council:

It's the Economy, By George!

At Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) request, President Bush made the trip to Capitol Hill today and stumped for his struggling immigration plan. While few would argue that immigration reform is inconsequential, many question why the President is spending his political capital on a bill that has fostered more division than it has progress. Particularly now, when Americans are at odds over Iraq and headed into a presidential election cycle, President Bush should turn his attention to rallying the nation. Rather than cheerlead legislation that has failed to attain even cloture in the Senate, why hasn't the administration channeled its energy into issues that unify what remains of his conservative base?

For starters, the President could be trumpeting two terms of economic growth and calling for the catalysts of that growth--tax breaks--to continue. Since 2002, when the President's tax cuts first kicked in, America has experienced 65 months of economic growth--and counting. While his calculations have been off on social issues lately, George Will correctly points out that the biggest indication of Bush's fiscal accomplishments is the deafening silence on the economy from the Democratic presidential candidates. The unemployment rate has declined, the deficit is on the mend, and more than eight million new jobs have been created.

Yet the very tax cuts that have prompted this fiscal renaissance are about to expire. Two years into the next presidency, the child tax credit will be slashed from $1,000 to $500. Unless something is done, the death tax, which would have been zeroed out by 2009, will return. Marriage penalties will be resurrected, and the income tax brackets will skyrocket. If the President hopes to salvage his falling approval numbers, reserve the trek to Capitol Hill for an issue we can all agree on--making the tax cuts permanent.


Leave that dead horse along, George. Get back to work on the economy before it joins the rest of your agenda in the toilet.

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I drew a cartoon yesterday about this amnesty bill on my blog. You might have a good laugh over it

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