Friday, June 15, 2007


Bonnaroo Banker

I want to wish Angel, the bank manager at the SunTrust on Chapman Highway where my firm's account is based, luck this weekend at Bonnaroo. Angel's band, Angel and the Love Mongers, are performing at the Middle Tennessee music festival, which, as they point out in this video feature on the Knoxville News Sentinel's website, is basically opening for The Police. That is very cool.

I wish them luck, because Bonnaroo sounds like a wild place, as with this entry from KNS blogger Lauren Spuhler:

"I came up with the name as a place to hold all those funny sights we commonly see at Bonnaroo every year: naked or topless chicks prancing through the water fountain, people wearing things they wouldn't or shouldn't outside of a music festival, people lying stoned in the middle of a walkway and, on occasion, a grown man wearing a diaper."

Yikes! I think I'll head into the Smokies this weekend, thank you very much...


Well, we missed you at Bonnaroo, Rob.

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