Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tennessean Targets Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Pretty easy action-reaction in this case:

1) Tennessean decides that it wants some attention.

2) Tennessean assembles database of concealed carry owners, as such information is public record.

3) Tennessean pisses off SayUncle, who is already looking at other public records (arrests, divorces, tax liens, financial statements, motor vehicle records, etc.) involving Tennessean employees, publishers, etc., so that he can publish that information, because at least in those cases it will probably involve some wrong-doing, unlike the CCW database, which will only serve to create more wrong-doing.

4) Bloggers (A.C., Blogger Blaster, yours truly) who believe in the Second Amendment cheer on SayUncle.

UPDATE: Uh oh. Add Instapundit and Blake Wylie to the list of bloggers who aren't too complementary of the Tennessean. As Professor Reynolds notes, Steve Gill has answered the call against the database. When the #1 blogger in the nation meets up with the #1 talk radio host in Tennessee...

Now you're in trouble, Tennessean...


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