Saturday, May 05, 2007


Pass the Mint Juleps - It's Derby Day

I love the Kentucky Derby. It brings back memories of watching the Triple Crown races with my grandparents in Maryland. We'd all pick horses to cheer for and let the trash talking commence. Fun times...

In any case, this race, which might be run in muddy conditions, is wide-open. Only seven of the 20 colts in the field have any experience racing in the slop, so without a true mudder, there's no telling who could win.

I have a rule of thumb when picking my horse - it has to be a longshot. (Where's the fun in rooting for the NY Yankees when you can cheer your heart out for the Devil Rays?) What's a longshot in my book? Well, it has to be at least 25-1 odds or more.

If you're wanting the longshot, my picks are Bwana Bull and Teuflesberg. Bwana Bull won the California Derby and El Camino earlier this year, but is going off at a tempting 50-1. Teuflesberg has won before in the mud and hasn't finished outside of the top 4 since last November, winning 3 races during that time. Teuflesberg is going off at an ever-so-nice 30-1.

If you don't want a true longshot, something tells me that Scat Daddy (10-1) and Any Given Saturday (12-1) are excellent choices to win today's Kentucky Derby. Neither has finished outside of the top 4 in any race that they have run, and Scat Daddy has a win in the slop to his credit.

If I was really betting, I would look to Scat Daddy. As I have to pick a longshot (through my own rules), I will go with Bwana Bull.


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