Saturday, May 19, 2007


A Little R&R

I'm going to be taking a few days off, as I am headed to the beautiful paradise known as Hilton Head Island in a matter of minutes. (As mentioned dozens of times in the past, just mention that you saw a post about my Dad's Hilton Head condo on VOLuntarilyConservative and receive a discount on the quoted rate. Then you, too, could be heading to South Carolina for a little R&R.)

To save time and energy, I thought I would re-run my post beginning my last vacation (and the vacation before that). Enjoy.

Too many fools
Lost on the highway
What could we do today
that we can't do tonight?

Pull off the road
Roll down the windows
Lie back and doze
to the song of the wind in the pines.

Too many fools
Crammed into that city
What could we do in a crowd
that we can't do at home?

Damn I feel young
My, you look pretty
What have we ever done worth doing
we can't do alone?

It's always springtime
In the Low Country sunshine
They sunbathe away every cold winter day
just like the Fourth of July.

I'm driving my new bride
from here to the ocean
Imbibing the sweet life
from Eden to goshen.
Gathering souvenirs. Hallelujah.

These lines are from "Gathering Souvenirs," a song by The Floating Men. The group is out of Nashville, but songwriter/lead vocalist Jeff Holmes is from Enoree, South Carolina. I always play this song on my way to the Low Country of South Carolina, which is where I am headed today to recharge my batteries.

So, if posting seems a bit slow over the next few days, well, that's all part of the plan...


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