Friday, May 04, 2007


KUB - An Awful Utility

KUB, the local utility servicing parts of Knox, Jefferson, and Sevier Counties, has announced that it will seek yet another rate hike in the near future. I reiterate - KUB could be one of the worst run utilities in the country.

First, it is amazing that KUB has the gumption to give their excuse for this particular set of rate hikes. It seems that its customers have been too responsible in keeping their bills low, not wasting precious resources and generally being better stewards of the planet. How does KUB reward them? Why, raise their rates, of course! Al Gore would be proud.

Second, this rate hike means that we are only one or two more small rate hikes from having the average residential customer in Knox County see their utility bill double over the past 3 years. I don't see many other conclusions except that there is gross mismanagement of resources at KUB.

Sigh. Yet another reason to leave the County of Corruption...


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