Monday, April 02, 2007


Opening Day

In 2005, I attended over 40 games affiliated with Major League Baseball, both at the major league level and at the minor league level.

In 2006, I didn't attend even one. I decided that if MLB was going to celebrate the noted cheater Barry Bonds, then it could do so without me.

Today, as the 2007 season begins, I have hope that MLB will do the right thing and not celebrate Bonds and his juiced accomplishments. I don't care how many home runs Bonds comes up with through his illegally found medications; Hank Aaron is the home run king, with Ruth second and Mays third. Bonds isn't even in the conversation because it appears that at least half of his home run total was the product of pharmaceuticals.

I may make it to some MLB games this year. We'll see how they react after Bonds hits a few dingers in April.

I hope they shun him. They should. He's sullied the reputation of America's pastime.


In my purist baseball mind, Roger Maris is still the single-season home run record holder. The 'roided-up efforts of McGuire, Sosa and Bonds don't belong in the record book any more than the games the White Sox threw in the 1919 World Series.
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