Monday, April 09, 2007


More Like Global Freezing...

Note to the editors of the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

The next time that you decide to run with a story about a scientific claim that a great deal of your readers are at best highly skeptical of as your lead story on the front page of your Sunday edition, make sure that it isn't anecdotally contradicted by circumstances that day.

In other words, who was the genius who ran with the global warming piece on the morning of 23 degree morning temperatures that garnered a new record low for Knoxville?

Seriously. People know that it isn't normally this cold in mid-April. Your choice of stories strikes at your credibility across the board. And surely you saw this coming - your forecast is usually on page B2.

It starts to come down to the age old question: who are you going to trust - me or your lying eyes?

But in this case, it's - who are you going to trust - the journalists or your freezing fanny?


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