Sunday, April 22, 2007


A Monumental Announcement

(Earlier this week, I hinted that a major announcement would occur within the week. For those hoping for Fred Thompson news, sorry to disappoint.)

Many people - judges, activists, even a Knoxville News-Sentinel reporter this week alone - have asked me what my next move is politically.

Honestly, I have no idea.

The reason for that admission is that I have my focus elsewhere.

Since all of the major friends and family have been notified this weekend, I guess I should let the cat out of the bag.

(OK, so this is my nephew, but you get the idea.)

On Tuesday of this past week, Angela and I learned that we are pregnant for the first time.

Our due date looks to be Christmas Eve, 2007.

This weekend has consisted of trip to Ridgewood BBQ in Bluff City to tell my parents and to Demos' in Nashville to break the good news to Angela's family.

This is my focus now. Political office will probably have to wait.


Nicole and I both wish you and Angela our most heartfelt congratulations and prayers.
Dave -

Thank you, my friend.

Angela woke me on Tuesday morning to the news of a positive test, which was a shock given that this was literally our first attempt.

My excellent doctor, Brett Bilbrey, got us into the office that afternoon, and it's been a blur ever since.

Work was intense Wedensday through Friday, but that God has chosen us as parents has only begun to sink in this weekend.


I'm merely a reader and non-commenter of your blog (which I enjoy very much!) but I had to offer my congratulations on your wonderful news! We have a new baby in our family (my brother's first child) and you can't imagine the joy he has brought, but you're about to find out. :)

Better keep your eye out for a UT Vols onesie!
Congratulations. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you both. It is AWESOME.

Congrats on the looming bundle of joy.

Excellent news! As a father-to-be myself (a baby boy due this summer), I know that feeling of excitement when you first learn you're going to be a daddy. My favorite moment so far: putting my hand on my wife's tummy and feeling my son kick me for the first time.

My congratulations, best wishes, and prayers for you, your wife, and your baby. May God continue to bless you all.
Baby news is always happy news! Congratulations, Rob!
Congratulations to you!

I will keep your family in my prayers during the pregnancy.

It's always good to know there is another Vol fan on the way.

Now, if we could find a way to stop Florida fans from breeding...LOL
Wow! That's great news Rob, I know you'll make a great Dad. Congratulations!
I am so happy for you guys! What an exciting time in your lives!

On a more practical note, Rob, you're already behind in your college savings! LOL

Congrats, Rob and Angela. If the kiddo won't get quiet and go to sleep, try singing Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star." That worked for me. Sometimes.
Congrats! That's absolutely fantastic.
Mazel Tov!
Southern Gal -

Someone else (Brittney over at NiT?) referred to a "onesie." My initial reaction was - "a what?"

Yes, I have soooooo much to learn...


Brian Hornback, A.C., Lynnster, Kat, and Sharon -

Thank you for the well wishes! The shock is just starting to wear off, and now preparations for the new arrival must be made.

Yeah, I'm still a bit overwhelmed...


Coco -

I'm still a ways away from the kicking thing, but I am amazed at the changes that are already occurring with Angela. The emotions, the eating more than normal, the constant going to the bathroom...

I'm changing, too. I am so ultra-protective of her right now. I never would have expected so many changes so soon, but, as I said, I have a lot to learn...


Michael -

Yes, I believe that I have driven enough of the Commodore out of my wife (think of it as an exorcism) that I safely will be bringing yet another Vol fan into the world.

On the downside, with a Christmas pregnancy, I am having to switch around football plans for the fall. Here's to hoping that my Vol friends are game so that I don't have to attend games alone or (even worse) watch from home!


Jay -

My Dad said the same thing. People have always said similar things. I guess we'll see what kind of Dad material I have in me.

This is real, isn't it?


Mike -

Well, here's to hoping that my son/daughter takes school seriously enough to earn their own way.

If the Democrats in Nashville keep lowering the Hope standards, a pulse will be the requirement for a lottery scholarship by 2025!


Donna -

Me sing Perry Como? Oh, that might make the baby run away screaming! My voice is not good for those types of songs. Angela and I are wonderful compliments that way - she sings in the church choir, I sing in the truck.

I'm OK at country songs, so maybe some Toby Keith, Johnny Cash, or Traveling Wilburies.

Thanks for the well wishes!


Congratulations! My wife and I are expecting a little one in the next month or so. I know you must be excited.

- Joshua Arrowood
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