Monday, April 16, 2007


Learning Through Ignorance

Instapundit has the following observation regarding downloads on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN):

Indeed. My Libel in the Blogosphere paper has moved up over 160 places -- from 1069 to 902 -- in the SSRN rankings since the Katherine Coble / JL Kirk / King & Ballow affair broke out.

That's interesting, indeed. I suppose it goes to show that some people - probably some of the larger law firms - don't want to get caught up in the same problem that King & Ballow did.

I suppose that's a good thing - that learning and understanding are coming out of this whole ordeal. I guess if no one gets damaged (and I'm thinking of Kat Coble here, not JL Kirk & Associates), then we have the spread of knowledge as a gained consequence of this episode.

Or am I being too optimistic for a Monday?

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