Monday, April 09, 2007



So have you checked out the new Lamar Alexander website?

It's really quite good - for a beginning. I understand that more content is coming.

The video on the index page is interesting and plays to several of Lamar's strengths - his ability to tell a story, his musical talents, and his consistent optimism. It's also strong on brutally honest in parts, which is refreshing in this age of politics. I've posted this video below.

Everyone knows that I worked for Ed Bryant in 2002 in his primary run against Lamar. However, what many tend to ignore is that I put that rigorous primary in the rear view mirror shortly thereafter to help Lamar in the 2002 general election. I did that because I was talked off of my angry cliff by Ed (through his vision of what was good for America) and by Lamar (through the optimism that I mentioned earlier).

Lamar has been good for Tennessee during his time as Senator. I'm glad to know that he will be running for reelection next year, and I look forward to another six years thereafter of his excellent representation.

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