Friday, April 13, 2007


It's Friday - Get Happy, People!

I don't know about y'all, but I've had a pretty daggone good week. A few good results in court, a few that weren't as bad as they could have been, good relations with colleagues, and I actually got to blog some.

That said, we're apparently in for a few gullywashers this weekend. How's a person to keep the good vibrations heading into what might be a less than stellar weekend?

I'm going with music videos. (Hey, at least they'll add some pep to my step.) If none of the following get you in a good mood, you might be clinically depressed come Monday.

Our first video is a favorite of Knoxville attorney Jason Sams. If you see him around town, make sure to ask him to sing you a verse Cowboy Troy-style.

Our next video is dedicated to Nashville blogger Sharon Cobb. I always enjoy her music-related posts, and George Harrison somewhat overlaps both of our tastes (I believe). I remember this song from my youth, and it was one of the first music videos that I really enjoyed, probably because I admired its simplicity. And it has a squirrel playing a pipe. Who couldn't like that?

Finally, I'm including "Read My Mind" by The Killers. Why? Because I want to, and I don't have tickets to their sold-out concert at the Ryman on April 23rd.

Now don't you feel better?


Cool video! Thanks for thinking of me. You do know what George Harrison song is really appropriate for today, though, yes? I've just posted it...though not George singing it.
BTW, "I've Got My Mind Set On You" actually hit #1 in 1962 by James Ray, and Harrison's version is a cover of that. You mentioned Harrison's version was a hit when you were a kid? OUCH. I was on my 2nd marriage when this song came out! It's like the opposite of that song "You Make Me Feel Brand New." You make me feel old!!!!

Regarding The Killers, why not apply for press credentials? If you are qualified to review them, go for it.
The worst that could happen is they say "No," which is not an answer I've ever accepted when I wanted to review a show, so why should you??
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