Friday, April 13, 2007


Corker's Stem Cell Vote

A.C. is all in a tizzy over Bob Corker's vote in the Senate against the government's funding of embryonic stem cell research. A.C. goes into why Corker was on the wrong side, citing Sean Braisted, a Democrat, as evidence supporting why the Republican from Tennessee was wrong.

I couldn't be more proud of Bob Corker right now. Want to know why? Because when Bob Corker won my support back in August of 2006, he looked me in the eye and told me that he was going to vote against embryonic stem cell research. He told me how he came to that conclusion, the research he performed and the visits that he made to leaders on both sides of the issue, including scientific labs.

Bob Corker voted like he said he was going to vote. Whining about it now indicates that you wanted a flip-flopper or a liar in the Senate. Bob Corker - so far - appears to be neither.

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I hoper and pray the trend continues.
Bob said the same thing to me in December 2005, and he has never waivered on it. I know he has stood up to a lot of pressure to change his position. The other thing that impressed me about Bob is that he arrived at his position only after actually traveling to meet with some of the leading experts in the scientific community. Contrast this with the more modern way of finding out your convictions -- have some political consultant do a focus group.
Makes me want to sit down with Corker
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