Friday, April 13, 2007


Buchanan On Imus

Patrick Buchanan breaks down the Imus farce for WorldNetDaily, and writes in part:

"The issue here is not the word Imus used. The issue is who Imus is – a white man, who used a term about black women only black folks are permitted to use with impunity and immunity.

Whatever Imus' sins, no one deserves to have Al Sharpton – hero of the Tawana Brawley hoax, resolute defender of the fake rape charge against half a dozen innocent guys, which ruined lives – sit in moral judgment upon them."

Although they have been the source of much ridicule in this instance from several white conservative commentators, the real winners from the downfall of Don Imus (of whom I have never been a fan) are those who have a material interest in dividing America - those like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Those men and women would be out of work, powerless, and rudderless in a united America, an America where ethnicity is seen as "American" and all other labels are secondary, at best.

I have no love for Imus, but the chasm between the races in America just got a little wider. Thus, I'm saddened by the whole affair, because the bad guys won this round.


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