Thursday, April 12, 2007


Break-ups can be Ugly

From Imus in the Morning, May 2006:

"My friend is running for the Senate in Tennessee.... If there's a God in heaven, he'll be elected." - Don Imus

From Imus in the Morning, April 12, 2007:

"Harold Ford, Jr. has been disgraceful in his lack of support. I endured death threats to endorse him...It's unfortunate that he has no courage." - Don Imus

Which, of course, was in response to this from late yesterday:

"I don't want to be viewed as piling on right now because Don Imus is a good friend and a decent man. However, he did a reprehensible thing." - Harold Ford, Jr.

Of course, this comment might have been an ironic premonition of the event that led to the break-up:

"I do not think of Tennessee as a Southern state. That probably sounds stupid, but -- and I do not think of white people or black people, or anybody else in Tennessee as being -- what's the word I want? Not racist..." - Don Imus (Imus in the Morning, October 26, 2006).

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