Thursday, April 26, 2007


Another Day, Another Ron Paul Post

Yesterday's post on Ron Paul got several readers emotionally driven (as seen in the Comments, some of which were a bit too saucy on the language for publication). Jay Bush even posted a rebuttal over at his site.

Well, today I was e-mailed this column of why Ron Paul is the man that Christian conservatives should be supporting for the White House, so it just made sense to link to it here.

It's almost like the Ron Paul that Lawrence Vance, A.C. Kleinheider, and Barry Goldwater, Jr. trumpet is a completely different entity than the person Jay Bush derides, who sounds more like the old Libertarian candidates that trumpeted pot for everyone and turned themselves blue as campaign stunts.

Jay and I don't disagree much, but I think I'm more willing to give Paul a chance as a third-party candidate if Rudy McRomney is the GOP nominee.


Well, Ron Paul is my candidate.

Out of the current (and prospective) pool, he's the one whose governmental values most closely mirror my own.
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