Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tuesday Lagniappe

Various headlines from around the Net:

An Army of One - America has an Atheist Congressman (And it's a real shock that he's from California...)

Planned Parenthood's Financial Motive

Aborted Fetus Sings (A bit lengthy and a reprint, but certainly a powerful read.)

Roberts, Alito may split on Free Speech Case (Curious questions by Chief Justice Roberts. I do predict that Alito will be in the majority here, and that free speech (and the Tinker doctrine) will live to fight another day.)

Dirty Duty Brings Civil Liability (This report is of a New Jersey appellate decision that held a company liable as a third party for failing to stop an employee from viewing child pornography on his company computer. It will be interesting to see how far this goes. For instance, if a Tennessee corporation knew that an employee was cheating on his wife with another company employee, do they have a duty to stop it or be faced with a suit for infliction of emotional distress by the wife? Someone could argue that they could face such liability if a Tennessee court latched on to the New Jersey court's reasoning.)

Affair with Teacher Leads to Slaying (I received several calls prior to court yesterday from fellow attorneys letting me know that fellow Knoxville Bar Association member Bruce Poston had been on the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America" regarding this case. Good for Bruce, and he may find a sympathetic jury on this one. Personally, I'm not big into cases that hit the media. The D.A.'s seem to be more difficult to work with when your case is splashed all over the front page of the newspaper.)

"Homosexuality is Not Hardwired," says Human Genome Project Head

When Rendering Decisions, Judges are Finding Law Review Articles Irrelevant (Well of course they are! Most law review articles are written by law students, and everyone knows that they are too busy writing bills for Senator Jamie Woodson. Urgh...)

The Right to Bear Arms in Washington, D.C. (An interesting historical column by George Will.)

McCain Says that he needs Evangelical Support to Win (Guess he lost, then, because I don't know of any evangelicals who are supporting him.)


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