Monday, March 05, 2007


Thomas Jones Traded

Yes, I am as ill as I have been in about two years, and this just made me feel worse.

Congrats, Jerry Angelo, Bears General Manager! You just traded a 1,300 yard running back and one of the only competent members of your offense and a second round draft pick for a second round draft pick. You must be a genius!

Now Bears fans can look forward to watching Cedric Benson - the overpaid, overhyped RB who seems to enjoy tripping prior to the line of scrimmage on at least one out of every three plays - carry the load. Unless there is some secret RB that Chicago is going to sign (and with Travis Henry and Ahman Green gone, I kinda doubt that), Benson will have to carry the load while "Turnoverasaurus Rex" keeps his job behind center.

Early prediction: Based on the Bears' lack of activity in the free agent pool, ability to anger one of their best defensive players, tough road schedule, and now the self-inflicted loss of the heart of the offense, I am predicting a 7-9 year in 2007 for the defending NFC Champions.

But it's OK - being a Cubs fan, I would expect nothing less.


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