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Democrats Threatening the Lives of Those Who Vote Against Unions

The House Democrats, including sponsor Congressman George Miller (California) and co-sponsors Lincoln Davis (Tennessee) Steve Cohen (Tennessee), Jim Cooper (Tennessee), Bart Gordon (Tennessee), John Dingell (Michigan), Barney Frank (Massachusetts), Alcee Hastings (Florida), Sheila Jackson-Lee (Texas), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Henry Waxman (California), Rick Boucher (Virginia), Rahm Emanuel (Illinois), Heath Shuler (North Carolina), and Maxine Waters (California), amongst others, are willing to put the lives of American workers at risk in order to satisfy the socialist labor unions that fill their coffers every election season.

The bill is HR 800, officially titled the "Employee Free Choice Act of 2007" by its Democratic sponsor. (I won't say author because anyone who has worked on The Hill knows that the labor union attorneys wrote every word of the bill.)

This bill will eliminate voting by secret ballot in matters of unionization. People familiar with the election activities of unions in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois over the past few election cycles know what this means for workers. They will either have to vote to join the union or either themselves or their loved ones are going to die.

Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA), the Republican Chief Deputy Whip, is not resolved to letting the Democrats push this bill through like they have done so many other pieces of legislation in 2007. Cantor is rallying the troops against what he calls the "American Worker Compulsion Act," including producing the video below:

Cantor calls the activity by the unions that would result from this bill "coercion tactics." I guess he's right, as much as a gun to the head is a "coercion tactic."

As usual, I am very disappointed in the Tennessee Democrats - Davis, Cooper, Gordon, Cohen. At least Tanner's name isn't on as a co-sponsor yet. And, as predicted here, Heath Shuler has become the lackey of the Left, lending his support to whatever bill Nancy Pelosi tells him to get behind.

Feel free to e-mail these gentlemen at the addresses below to let them know that you don't appreciate them selling out America's workers so that they can collect their rewards from the unions come election time. Tell them that you are dismayed at seeing their names lined up alongside those of the most liberal/socialist members of the Congress - names like Waters, Kucinich, Frank, and Hastings. Tell them you will remember their actions in 2008.

Lincoln Davis - Tennessee's Fourth (Enter ZIP 38556)
Steve Cohen - Tennessee's Ninth
Jim Cooper - Tennessee's Fifth
Bart Gordon - Tennessee's Sixth (Enter ZIP 37130)
Heath Shuler - North Carolina's 11th (Enter ZIP 28801)

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. I started a draft of this post early Thursday, and by Friday it was already obsolete. Pelosi must have had a big dinner on the unions' tabs for this weekend, because she hustled this bill through a roll call vote. HR 800 passed 241-185. But, you see, it was bipartisan - two Democrats voted against it! (The two Dems were Rep. Boren (Oklahoma) and Rep. Gene Taylor (Mississippi), if you were interested.)

The good news (if there is any here) for Americans is that Senate Minority Leader McConnell has pledged to block cloture on the bill, and President Bush has vowed to veto the legislation if it somehow came to his desk. (The 241 aye votes being well short of the 2/3 needed to override a Bush veto, I doubt that it makes it that far.)

Don't let that stop you from letting the Congressmen linked above from having it, all of them having voted in favor of unions over American workers. By all means, let 'em have it!

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