Monday, February 12, 2007


This Week's GOP Events

There are a few GOP events on my calendar this week.

First, there is the Jefferson County Lincoln Day Dinner this Saturday night (Feb. 17) at 7:00 P.M. It is being held in the Stokely Cafeteria on the campus of Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City. Congressman David Davis is set to be the speaker, and I have been told that Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey is scheduled to attend and speak, as well. Tickets are $20, and for more information, you can contact Hobart Rice at (865) 548-8479.

I have attended more than my share of Lincoln and Reagan Day Dinners over the past couple of years, and I plan to pull back a bit this year. Besides Jefferson County, I currently have Hawkins County, Washington County (once a date is announced), and Knox County (again, once a date and speaker are announced) on my list of events to attend. That's a more manageable schedule than I have had in the past few years, when I've been known to attend three events in a given weekend. That just seems a bit much in a non-election year.

Second on GOP events this week is the South Knox Republican Club meeting on Thursday of this week at the Optimist Club Building in Gary Underwood Park. Commissioners Pinkston and Clark are usually at this meeting, so I am dreading it because there is good chance that I am not going to be a very nice person Thursday evening if they do attend. It's doubtful that the person they placed on to the Knox County Commission will show, as he has apparently made no public appearances, much in the theme of the Knox County Commission to be anything but accountable to the citizens of Knox County.

Finally, the West Knox Republicans are having their meeting tonight at the Copper Cellar. I won't be attending because 1) I don't live in West Knox and 2) Jack Bauer might need my help to save the U.S. from nuclear destruction in tonight's two-hour special event on "24." I hear that former UT kicker and current Knox County developer Fuad Reviez will be the speaker, though, so I can understand those who aren't afraid of Jack Bauer being eager to attend.

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